7234 Boilermakers 

What do they do?

Boilermakers fabricate, assemble, erect, test, maintain and repair boilers, vessels, tanks, towers, heat exchangers and other heavy-metal structures.  

They are employed in boiler fabrication, manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, electric power generation and similar industrial establishments.

Job Description

  • Read blueprints to plan sequence of operation lay out plate, sheet steel, mark bending and cutting lines using drawing instruments.

  • Set up and operate heavy-metal working machines such as brakes or flame cutters and drill presses to cut, shape and form metal into parts.

  • Fit and weld metal parts together to fabricate boilers, vessels, piping etc.

  • Erect and install boilers and other heavy-metal structures according to specifications using hand and power tools.

  • Repair and perform maintenance work on boilers and other heavy-metal products.

  • Direct activities of hoist or crane operators and other workers during fabrication, assembly, installation or repair of structures Test finished structures using a variety of methods.

  • Average Salary: $88,600

  • Boilermakers may specialize in rigging and hoisting, preparation and layout, or welding aspects of the trade. 

Employment requirements

Completion of high school is usually required

Completion of a 3 - 4-year apprenticeship program or a combination of over 4 years of work experience in the trade, and some high school, college or industry courses in boiler making is usually required to be eligible for trade certification.



Endorsement is also available to qualified boilermakers upon successful completion of the interprovincial Red Seal examination.

For more information on careers as a Boilermaker, please contact SATCC.