Northlands College

Northlands College serves the northern half of the province and is divided into the three regions: Eastern Region (Creighton), Western Region (Buffalo Narrows) and Central/Athabasca Region (La Ronge).

Programs offered include, but are not limited to: Adult Basic Education, Apprenticeship Trades, Business, Forestry, Health & Communication Services, Literacy, Mine Training, Skill & Vocational, Technology Enhanced Learning and University.

For more information contact:

Creighton Campus
Phone: (306) 688-8838
Fax: (306) 688-7710

Buffalo Narrows Campus
Phone: (306) 235-1765
Fax: (306) 235-4346

LaRonge Campus
Phone: (306) 425-4353
Fax: (306) 425-2696