If you are a student still in high school, take advantage of the practical and applied arts programs at your school. These classes will develop your skills and could lead to a career. If you’re interested in the trades, use your optional classes to explore the shops that are in your school or magnet school.  Developing skills and knowledge of the trades along with an academic education can provide you with access to summer jobs and real careers. As a student you can even collect hours towards an apprenticeship (see Saskatchewan Youth Aprenticeship under the Apprenticeship menu) The trades are no longer the bastion of men. Women are now in every trade, from welding to heavy equipment operators. Jobs are plentiful and the wages are good.

Navigate this web site to explore all of the construction trades. The site describes what each trade does, the ways of entering a trade, and how to become a journeyman/person. On this site each trade is described using the National Occupational Codes, as set out by Human Resources and Skill Development Canada.  It will list the associated jobs, describe the duties, and how to enter the trade. Each trade page has a list of the provincial schools that offer pre-trade training and locations of apprentice programs.  Under the trades are listed the salary ranges from the 2011 construction sector survey and the predicted employment opportunities in the future.  The site also posts current jobs that are posted by Saskjobs.  The number of jobs posted daily is often surprising.

Post secondary schools are changing course offerings in response to industry needs, so after navigating this site you can link to programs at all the institutes within the province. 

The Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA), the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT), Dumont Technical Institute and Trades and Skills Centres offer training, scholarships, and grants.  In many cases you are paid to take pre-trade training and may gain on the job experience with companies during your training. These are great opportunities to get experience for your resume or a job offer.

Take time to explore. It may lead you to an exciting career.